Past Speakers

Maan Fares M.D. F.A.C.C

Vice Chairman | Global Patient Services, Cleveland Clinic

Maan Fares, MD, is a cardiologist in the Department of Cardiology

Dr. Ádám Ruszinkó

Deputy State Secretary for Tourism of Hungary

Dr. Ádám Ruszinkó is the Deputy State Secretary for Tourism of

He Jiesheng

ormer Vice Minister, Ministry of Health, President, China Elder Health Care Association, President , China Medical Women’s Association

Michael Zeng

Executive Chairman, WMTC 2016

Deputy Secretary-general of China Service Outsourcing Research Center , the Ministry of Commerce

Wang Xiaoping

Director, International Cooperative Department, State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Peng Decheng

Director, Department of Planning and Financial Affairs, State Tourism Administration

Wang Guoqiang

Deputy Director, National Health and Family Planning Commission, Director, State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Jai Kumar Verma

Managing Director- Global B2G, Cigna

Jai Verma is the Managing Director & Global Head of B2G

Zhang Fenglou

Former Vice Minister, Ministry of Health, President, China Health Care Association

Guo Yucheng

President, Chinese Health Association, Former Vice President, Chinese PLA General Hospital

Liu Cigui

Acting Governor of Hainan Province

Liu Cigui is the acting governor of Hainan Province. Born in

James Qai

Founder, Beijing St. Lucia Hospital Management Consulting Co

James Qai is founder, board chairman and general manager of Beijing

Zhong Shizhen

Editor-in-Chief of Chinese Journal of Clinical Anatomy

Zhong Shizhen, is known as clinical anatomy professional, founder of modern

Zhang Bin

President of Chinese Association of Plastics and Aesthetics

Kate Liebelt

Chief of Staff, Health Care Provider Consulting, Deloitte Consulting

Kate Liebelt serves as Chief of Staff for Deloitte’s U.S. Health

He Jianxing

President of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University

Doctor, Professor, President of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical

Li Dinggang

Chief Physician of Cancer Gene Therapy Center, Beijing Haidian Hospital

Chief Physician of Cancer Gene Therapy Center, Beijing Haidian Hospital, Director,

Cao Hongxin

President of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences

President of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Chief researcher, Doctoral

Yu XiaoDong

General Director, Professor, Steering Committee of National Nutrition Office of China

Liu Yanhuai

President, Beijing East Linden Science & Technology Co.

Chris Setcos

Head of Partnerships and Business Development, Western Union Business Solutions

Chris Setcos manages corporate partnerships for Western Union Business Solutions, North

Kelly Jenkins

Vice President, Global Business Development, The Miami Medical Center

Kelly's passion is to create business models that are innovative, scalable,

Lisa G. Han

Partner, Jones Day

Represented Inova Health System in negotiating a joint venture transaction with

Jonathan Edelheit, JD

CEO, Medical Tourism Association

Jonathan Edelheit is Chief Executive Officer of the Employer Healthcare &

Lance Barnes

Director of International Patient Services, Indiana University Health

Lance Barnes is the Director of International Patient Services at Indiana

Randy L. Sides

Co-founder of JHS Architecture Integrated Design

Since cofounding the firm of JHS Architecture Integrated Design, Inc. in

Henry Li

CEO, Beijing MedRetreat Hospital Management Co.

Mr. Li is chief executive officer of Beijing MedRetreat Hospital Management Co.,

Ma Qiyuan

President, Time Medical System, Former Professor, Medical School of Harvard University

Professor, Ma Chairman of Time Medical, has more than 20 years research

David Reisman

Professor of Economics, Nanyang Technological University

Cherng-Jye Jeng, MD, PhD, MBA

Dean of Global Affairs, Professor of School of Medicine, Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan

You Jianwei

President, Chongqing Ocean Tourism Co., Ltd.

Zsolt Vajna

Director of International Relations, Benyovszky Medical Center (BMC)

Mithat Pašić

Counsellor, Deputy Ambassador, Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dr. Richard Taylor

Managing Director, The Health Center

The Surgery Center at HealthCenter provides a full range of common

Lee Dentith

Founder and CEO of Now Healthcare Group

Lee Dentith is the Founder and CEO of Now Healthcare Group.

Zhang Zili

Director of Market Management Department, CITIC Medical & Health Group Co.

Zhang Zili, Ph.D., senior economist, director of market management department at CITIC Medical

Hou Shengtian

China International Medical Tourism Association of CPAM Executive Vice Chairman

Hou Shengtian, Professor, Director of Marketing and Strategic Management Division, Director of China

Dr. Randy Miller

CEO, Miller Plastic Surgery

Known around the world, Dr. Randy Miller is a board certified

Kojo Lokko

Senior Technical Advisor, Johns Hopkins University

Kojo Lokko is the Deputy Director of Health Communication Capacity Collaborative

Julie Dai

Director, Horwath HTL (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Gong Bangqiang

Director, Canadian Innovative Center

Qi Keqin

President, Hainan Zhangjiang Green High-Tech Industry Investment Co.

Liu Muqiao

Managing Director, In Yu Capital Group Medical Investment

Peter Jeng

European Health Consortium, President of Asia-Pacific Region

Peter Jeng, President of Asia-Pacific Region, is a practice of promoting Chinese

Leila Krešić-Jurić

Director of CCE Tourism Sector, Croatian Chamber of Economy

Leila Krešić-Jurić, Director of Tourism Sector at the Croatian Chamber of

Chen Xiaoyong

President, Sanya Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

As both the Deputy President of Sanya Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yu Lihong

VP of Operational Department, Beijing Fahuahua Technology Co., Ltd.

Kwang Joon Kim

Director, Severance Hosptial Yonsei University

Michael Wong

President, Michael H.K. Wong Architects Inc.

Dr. med. Daniel Stosch

Center for Molekular Orthopaedics Associate practice at Koenigsallee

Medical Avenue is a medical tourism facilitator based in Seoul, South

Guan Yiqun

Design Director, GN International Design LLC

Michael Watson

COO, Circle Health

Michael joined circle as Chief Operating officer in 2012 and is

Gao Rongjun

General Manager, Hungary ECW International Medical Tourism Co., Ltd.

Salim Parker

President, South African Society of Travel Medicine

Yang Xin

CEO, Leisurdom International Group

Wu Xiaoyi

President, Parson International Hospital

Wu Shaowu

President, Wellness Valley Group, Vice President, Hainan Health Management Association, Vice President, Hainan Real Estate Association

Hu Ping

General Manager, Shanghai Medical Tourism Products & Promotion Platform

Lily Wang

Vice President, HealthLink Service Co.,

Wang Zhong

Vice President, China Health Care Association

Zhang Lixin

Vice President, China Health Care International Association for the promotion of Asian health Specialized Committee

Qu Wei

CEO, Beijing Huimei Best Medical Technology Co. , Ltd.

Steven Zhang

Vice President, Medebound

Xiao Wei

General Manager, Beijing Ruoshui Tongyun Info. &Tech. Co.

Mr. Xiao, general manager of Beijing Ruoshui Tongyun Info. &Tech. Co., Ltd.,

Dalip Kumar Chopra

Director, Gurdasmal Hospitality & Consultancy Services

A qualified healthcare professional with more than 30 years experience in

Bill Cook

Director of Business Development Asia-Pacific Region, Medical Tourism Association

Jack Donaldson IV

President, Jack Martin Group

Jack Donaldson IV is the President of the Jack Martin Group,

J. Paulo Moreira

Prof, Atlantica School of Business and Industry

Paulo Moreira holds a PhD from the University of Manchester (UK)

Natalia Mikhailichenko

Director General, International Medical Center Nevron

Natalia Mikhailichenko, MD, PhD, is a neurologist with over 13 years’

Zdeslav Radovcic

President & CEO, Energy Clinic

Zdeslav Radovcic was born in Split, Croatia and graduated from Zagreb

Zhang Jianguo

Chairman, Beijing AnKangLanGuang Health Management Group

Jordan Epstein

Founder, CEO, Stroll, Inc.

Executive with verifiable year-after-year success producing world-class innovative products and achieving

Shi Huaqiang

Director of Health Business Department, Hainan R&F Properties

Hang Chen

Vice President, CCB Pension Management Co., Ltd.

Zhang Wei

General Manager, Department of Hotel Business of China Resources Land Limited

Zhang Jing

General Manager, North South Nest Pension Group

Zhou Tao

Executive Director, Luneng Group Commerce and Tourism Management Co.

Fu Zhibin

Vice Chief Editor, China Today

Li Tong

Founder & CEO, Lanhu Health

He Ye

President, Shanghai A&S Science Technology Development CO., Ltd., Vice President, Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association

Jay Chen

CEO, Confihealth Development LLC

Hanson Li

Managing Director, Huatone China St rategic Investment Solutions, Inc.

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