Boao Asia Forum International Conference Center

BAF International Conference Center is located in Hainan province at the eastern tip of the coastal town of Boao, facing the stretch of the Wanquan River that merges with the sea. It is the permanent venue of world-famous Boao Forum for Asia which each year hosts presidents, prime ministers and other world leaders to…. In front of the Conference Center there are two large fountain pools with a giant globe sitting in the middle of the circular pool, water cascading over the globe from the top, presenting a spectacular scene.

Inspired by a Chinese legend on an ancient coin, the Conference Center is a multifunctional architectural complex composed of three parts: round convention center, central hotel and waterscapes. Commissioned on September 22, 2003, it is now managed by the Scenic zone of the Permanent Venue of Boao Forum for Asia. The three-floor convention center has a building area of 37,000m2. To the north, it is BFA Hotel, an affiliated hotel of 53,000m2 in an arc layout. The two structures form a concentric circle, implying the intention of unity and friendship and the spirit of opening and progress of Boao Forum for Asia

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