2015 World Medical Tourism Congress Asia-Pacific & Trade Mission Recap

The 2015 WMTC Asia-Pacific Congress and Trade Mission were a great success!

Over 60 international delegates including senior executives from hospitals, pharma, insurance, hospitality, medical tourism facilitators, healthcare technology firms, investment, as well as physicians, healthcare consultants, architects, and marketing experts, participated in the multi-city trade mission to meet with government leaders and senior executives from China’s healthcare and hospitality sectors. Over a seven day period the delegates visited Wuzhou city, Haikou City in Hainan Province, Guilin (for the WMTC Asia-Pacific Congress) and Yangshuo, participating in one-on-one meetings, round tables and project site visits, to discuss potential collaboration opportunities and partnerships. Lasting friendships were made, MOU’s were discussed and the general feeling among the participants was that the trade mission opened their eyes to the many business opportunities available in China’s healthcare and hospitality sectors.

Wuzhou City: November 10-12

Our delegates’ first stop was Wuzhou City, a picturesque metropolis nestled next to the mighty Pearl River. During the two-day visit, our delegates met with the mayor of the city and attended the International Healthcare Industry Resource Cooperation Conference. Highlights of the conference included sessions on the development and cross-border cooperation of the Chinese healthcare industry, opportunities in traditional Chinese medicine, and innovative technologies in mHeatlh.

“MTA did a great job by organizing the trade mission and Congress. The event opened new opportunities to all the participants of the trade mission. To get acquainted with so many Chinese serious businessmen during one week face to face would have been not possible without this trip. We all do appreciate and are sincerely grateful to MTA. Moreover the interaction within the group was incredible. I am sure new projects will be launched as a result.”

Irena Rapoport
Head of ABT Educational
ABT Global

Haikou City/ Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone: November 10-14

The next stop was Haikou City, Hainan Province, where some of our delegates met with the governor and his senior advisers. Our delegates then traveled to the Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone for a round table discussion with government representatives and business leaders to discuss potential cooperation opportunities to develop the area as a leading medical and wellness tourism destination in the region. On the way to the Medical Tourism Pilot Zone, our delegates stopped for a one hour visit to the nearly completed Hainan Cancer Hospital, an ultra-modern facility that will be used to treat cancer patients from all over China. We also had the opportunity to visit the Asia Boao, Hainan Forum conference center, the site of the prestigious Asia Boao, Hainan Forum that each year brings in presidents and other government leaders from the Asia-Pacific region and around the world. The visit to Hainan Province culminated with a sumptuous outdoor banquet that allowed our delegates to relax and enjoy informal networking opportunities amid a starlit evening.

Guilin City (WMTC Asia-Pacific) Yangshuo: November 14-17

The climax of the trade mission was the WMTC Asia-Pacific Congress and Expo that took place at the Guilin International Conference & Exhibition Center. The event boasted nearly 500 attendees and afforded many of our delegates the opportunity to participate as speakers during the various sessions and engage in one-on-one networking meetings with select Chinese organizations interested in exploring cooperation opportunities. These included Cinhosi International, The Second People’s Hospital of Guilin North Hospital, Lingchuan County Lantian Ecological Tourism Scenic Spot Project, Quanzhou County Yanjing Hot Spring Ecological Healthcare Tourism Development Project, among many other important groups. There was also an exhibition area where international and local participants had access to booths to showcase their services. After two days at the Guilin conference, most of our delegates traveled to the town of Yangshuo, a town set amid towering, emerald, limestone peaks, for a final recap session, banquet and night on the town.

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