Hospital Development

Recent policies issued by China’s State Council are making China’s dynamic healthcare sector more appealing to foreign investors. These include:

  • Opening access for private investors to develop private hospitals.
  • Increasing the number of hospital beds across all medical institutions to alleviate burden on public hospitals.
  • Standardizing training for medical professionals and improving allocation of resources.
  • Continued development of medical facilities at grass-root level and in rural areas.
  • Encouraging development of private senior care facilities and home care services.

Opportunities for partnerships in developing and or managing private hospital facilities abound. Additionally, public and private stakeholders in China are increasingly seeking partnerships or affiliations with U.S. or European academic medical centers to gain expertise in advanced clinical care, new models of care delivery, research, and teaching.

Why attend WMTC China-Boao?

  • Connect with government and hospital leaders to learn about new investment and/or partnership opportunities in China’s healthcare sector
  • Learn about the latest healthcare reforms and how they will impact future hospital development in China
  • Find out about the new niche opportunities opening up in the private healthcare sector
  • Learn how to navigate the regulatory challenges in the healthcare sector to ensure a successful entry into this market.
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